CPA vs Tax Attorney

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Most local CPA´s and tax attorneys do not have the experience of representing clients in front of the IRS on a daily basis. Many so called “tax attorneys´ are heavily involved in more practice areas such as estate law, family law, personal injury, civil law, bankruptcy etc.

CPA´s devote much of their time to accounting/bookkeeping, preparing tax returns and financial statements. Tax attorneys usually do not prepare tax returns and farm the work out to a CPA for extra fees. Likewise when a legal or criminal issue arises the CPA will refer you to an attorney for extra fees. Local CPA´s are usually very timid about representing you in a vigorous way out of fear that the IRS may retaliate against their existing clientele who usually do not have IRS problems. When you meet with either a local attorney or CPA they typically have you sign a lengthy retainer agreement without giving you a chance to take it home to read and fully understand what you are signing. Usually these retainer agreements start off with a small retainer and an hourly fee of $300-$400, which can quickly add up to cost you tens of thousands of dollars- charging time of 30 minutes to send a simple fax for example.

JG Tax Group only specializes in IRS problems day in and day out such as unfiled tax returns, audits, tax court, criminal, bookkeeping, payroll issues, back taxes, etc. We take a team approach in representing our clients before the IRS. This team consists of Tax Attorneys, CPAs, Tax Resolution Specialists, as well as former IRS agents (enrolled agent). These professionals devote their full time to only handling IRS issues and have a unique inside knowledge of the IRS which gives us the ability to quickly handle whatever IRS problems our clients have.

Here is an example of how JG Tax Group has helped one of thousands of clients

Jan came to JG Tax Group in 2013 with a plethora of IRS related issues however, was only aware of her 5 unfiled 1040 tax returns. JG Tax Group also found that Jan also had over $98,000 in payroll debt for a company she closed in 2010. JG Tax Group was able to complete all 5 tax returns for Jan and resolve both the personal and business debt under the same payment agreement for just $233 a month.
Jan Jacobs, Malibu, CA
I searched long and hard for a firm that could help me with my 8 years of unfiled tax returns and $88,000 owed in civil penalties to the IRS. I was so happy when I found JG Tax Group online. They were able to complete all 8 tax returns in 1 day and get me into a payment plan for the total amount that I owed for $147 a month. JG Tax Group saved life!
Donald Reginald, Memphis, TN
The IRS audited my 2011-2012 tax returns and said I owed them $145,000. I have never been audited before and my documents to support my tax returns were all over my house and job. JG Tax Group helped me to recreate my books and organize all my documentation before fighting my case with the IRS. Both audits were closed and I ended up getting a $587 refund in return! JG Tax Group is the best thing that ever happened to me!
Betty Jennings, Milwaukee, MN