Stop IRS Aggressive Collections Dead in their Tracks

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JG Tax Group is known nationwide for quickly stopping IRS collection actions. Keep in mind that calling the IRS yourself  before you call us may hinder your defense. Once you allow us to represent you – you no longer have to directly communicate with the IRS – we contact the IRS for you within hours and determine or confirm what precise stage of IRS collection your file is located. Our tax team then asks for an immediate cessation of the IRS collection process. Once we do this, our veteran tax professionals get the proper documentation and obtain your IRS file to carefully dissect, analyze and resolve your tax issues. 

If the IRS has assigned a specific agent to your case and they are reluctant to grant the extension, we promptly file an appeal that may be either a CDP appeal or a CAP appeal. When used correctly, these appeals effectively halt all collection actions and investigations against you for up to 30 days and possibly up to 6-7 months. The massive, crushing, toothed-gears of the IRS effectively become officially obstructed. This gives our specialists the time to give you stress-free breathing room while they strategize and negotiate on your behalf.

A Closer Look: CDP & CAP Appeals

There are two key methods that JG Tax Group uses to appeal IRS collection actions. The first is a CDP appeal (Collection Due Process) and the second is a CAP appeal (Compliance Assurance Process). A CDP appeal must be filed within 30-days of a final notice of intent to levy. This allows a senior technical advisor within the IRS to review the case. This means it is then transferred from the collection division of the IRS – who are far more aggressive – to a more flexible department. In many instances however, you will receive much better results filing a CDP appeal.

If you’ve failed to file in a timely manner, you always have the right to file a CAP appeal – which is a defense rarely used by most tax attorneys. Even most IRS agents do not know what a CAP appeal actually is! JG Tax Group knows how and when to apply this little-known, but very effective tactic. In fact, many of our clients are CPA’s and tax attorneys who have learned of our victories.

If the IRS has not actually filed a wage garnishment or levy against you, we immediately file a CAP appeal. This takes the case out of the hands of the collection division instantaneously and puts it into a technical advisor’s hands. This is important because a technical advisor has often been with the IRS for many years, is not typically stubborn and will patiently use professional methods. A CAP appeal also prevents an IRS agent from filing wage garnishments and levies against an individual’s Social Security, income or payroll money. The crucial aspect of filing any of these appeals is that the taxpayer must be in full compliance with the IRS (and all tax returns required are filed). When you appoint the JG Tax Group to assist you – we do a comprehensive account analysis of your IRS record to ensure that you are safely in compliance.

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