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The IRS audited my returns for the past three years. I had so called ‘audit protection’ from my tax preparation company, so I felt secure in letting them handle my audit. But they sent an inexperienced employee to represent me. As a result, the IRS disallowed almost all my deductions. I was faced with a bill of over $78,000! I visited a local tax attorney. But after paying him over $10,000, I still got nowhere with the IRS. What does a tax lawyer do? My pastor suggested that I contact Jeffrey Galante at JG Tax Group. I called and spoke with one of his Tax Group. Immediately, I wished that I had called them sooner. They filed an appeal right away. Four months later, they got the IRS to accept my original return as filed. In other words, I owed them zero. To say that I am satisfied with JG Tax Group would be an understatement. They are the best!

Andrew - Washington D.C.

JG Tax Group helped me resolve my IRS issue and got my levy released in less than one week. I came to them in tears with a huge tax mess. I had 4 years’ worth of missing returns and owed Uncle Sam roughly $38k. In just 3 days, all my tax returns were done, and they had set up an agreement with the IRS. They had the levy release sent directly to my work. Thank you JG Tax Group for helping me through this difficult time.

Sarah - Miami Beach, FL

Jeff and JG Tax Group helped me with a complex IRS appeals issue. Thankfully, he has an excellent knowledge of the IRS appeals process and how to navigate it effectively. I would consider it a privilege to work with Jeff again.

Dennis - Boulder, CO

Jeff helped me with an IRS Revenue Agent’s proposed Assessment Appeals hearing. He was well prepared and understood the issue well. He was also well-versed in the background case law and related statute and applicable regulations. At the end of the day, Jeff was very successful in convincing the Appeals Officer that my position as the taxpayer was correct.

Robert – Sherman Oaks, CA

JG Tax Group became involved in my case when the IRS Revenue Agent declined to negotiate a settlement after reviewing our protest letter. It was suggested that the case would be perfect for the Appeals Fast Track Mediation process, which is Jeff’s specialty. After arranging the Fast Track conference with the IRS and sharing our strategy, the IRS called shortly before the conference to fully concede. Sweet!

Christopher - Ann Arbor, MI

JG Tax Group will address the IRS tax problems for our clients by negotiating with the IRS for the best possible solution, which may be one of the following:

An Offer in Compromise, an affordable payment plan, or to have our client declared as Currently Not Collectible with the IRS. Each one of our clients have different and complex tax problems. We treat each client as an individual, so there is no one solution for every client. We will find an affordable and permanent solution to your IRS problem.

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