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At JG Tax Group, our team has benefited from the knowledge and experience our founders have gathered while working inside the highest levels of the IRS. Our retired founders trained and educated thousands of IRS employees throughout the nation. They also developed and implemented policies that are still followed by the IRS. Many of the very same IRS agents pursuing our clients received their training from our founders. Many times, our IRS lawyers had to negotiate with these same agents, managers and auditors, benefiting our clients in untold ways. Our tax lawyer team’s unique training has enabled us to successfully defend more than 97% of our clients pursued by the IRS.

Holding all employees to the highest ethical and professional standards, JG Tax Group has emerged as an industry leader in both success rate and customer satisfaction. Our excellent track record and stellar reputation stand behind each and every client we represent.  Choose JG Tax Group and get the best IRS team working for you to for fast tax relief.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Jeffrey Galante, Co-FounderEnrolled Agent, Certified Federal Dispute Resolution Mediator,Tax Resolution Specialist
During his 31 year career at the IRS, Jeff held integral technical and managerial positions. His responsibilities included writing portions of the IRS manual. He also worked closely with the IRS Criminal Intelligence Division, including a key role in ‘Operation Strike Force’ and other criminal tax evasion cases. Jeff was stationed in the IRS headquarters in Washington, D.C., as well as IRS offices in New York, Texas and California. Mr. Galante wrote vital IRS internal procedures and trained thousands of revenue agents throughout the U.S. on the implementation of the “Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”

When Galante retired from the IRS, he left the executive position as Chief of Appeals. More recently, Jeff served as President and IRS liaison with the National Association of Tax Resolution Companies. As a founding father of JG Tax Group, Mr. Galante’s responsibilities included training Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents to fully understand the internal workings of the IRS.

Due to Jeff’s extensive IRS experience, several media outlets, including radio, print and television, have relied on him to reveal what actually goes on inside of the IRS. He has appeared on nationwide television answering questions about the scandals that have rocked the IRS. He can be seen commenting on the IRS’s targeting of “Tea Party” type tax exempt organizations and discussing similar topics requiring first-hand experience in the Internal Revenue Service. Galante’s background makes him the go-to source for inside information about the IRS.

Robert M. McCloughy, B.S.Tax Resolution Specialist
Hired out of college as an Internal Revenue Agent with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, Robert McCloughy followed in his father’s footsteps. Robert’s father worked with the IRS for over 34 years and as a kid, Robert sparked an interest in his father’s detailed work. Robert grew to love accounting and found, understanding the complicated matters he encountered at the IRS came quite naturally to him.

Robert’s career with the IRS spanned seven years, during this time he enforced tax law for the IRS and headed various audits targeting: S-corporations, C-corporations, partnerships and individuals. During his time there he was tasked with determining and classifying which tax returns should be selected for audit. The longer Robert worked for the IRS, the more unsettled he became with the aggressive tactics the IRS employs. Instead of enforcing the tax code, he felt like a professional bully. He wanted to help people – not hurt them. One winter morning, Robert was asked to do something that he felt was unconscionable. That very day, he resigned from the IRS.

JG Tax Group provided the opportunity for Robert to apply his inside knowledge and expertise of IRS laws, policies, and audit procedures to safeguard the American taxpayer. Knowing specifically what triggers an IRS audit, Robert has become a cornerstone of, JG Tax Group’s IRS Audit Defense Team. His personal and professional mission is to ensure the taxpayer receives fair and equal treatment, and that, the IRS follows the “Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights” (TABOR). Today, Robert currently uses his skills and abilities to successfully protect American taxpayers from bulling and harassment by the IRS.

Marcia Hamm B.A., Co-FounderC.P.A., Tax Resolution Specialist
With over 35 years of experience at the IRS, Marcia Hamm, audited numerous individuals and corporations alike. Marcia’s work as a licensed CPA earned her the respect of her peers within the professional tax community. During her tenure as a mediator she successfully resolved the most difficult and complex tax related cases. A revenue agent for 11 years, Marcia’s work as an Appeals Team Case Manager provided her with the expertise needed to resolve a multitude of collections and audit problems. A dedicated professional, she spent decades resolving cases ranging from simple individual returns to the most complex corporate tax returns. Marcia Hamm’s professional experience and valuable contacts helped to create one of the nation’s best IRS defense teams.
Barbara Galante B.A., Co-FounderEnrolled Agent, Tax Resolution Specialist
Barbara Galante’s distinguished career with the IRS spanned over 22 years. Her tenure included both technical and managerial positions, this provided the background to successfully resolve the most difficult of tax debt problems. She began her IRS career as a Tax Auditor and was rapidly promoted to the position of Group Manager, where her team of audited a wide-range of individuals and small businesses. Barbara’s experience was vital in teaching our professionals to successfully navigate the internal culture of the IRS.

In particular, Barbara dealt with many convoluted taxpayer issues that required ‘outside the box thinking’ in order to resolve disputes. She explained, “I was able to cut through the IRS’ red tape and get to the heart of the problem.” Barbara participated in resolving taxpayer cases locally and throughout the US.

Dealing with the public as a Taxpayer Advocate and Service Group Manager, Barbara worked with taxpayers’ congressional representatives to ensure that a taxpayer’s rights were not abused. She identified systemic problems within the IRS that impacted the general public and found effective solutions. Her expertise has been used to analyze client tax issues and provide practical and expedient solutions for complex tax debt resolution cases.

Raymond Loo B.A., Co-FounderEnrolled Agent, Tax Resolution Specialist
Raymond Loo’s distinguished career at the IRS spanned over 32 years. He’s held a wide range of positions from revenue agent to associate chief of appeals. While in appeals, Ray gained considerable first-hand experience resolving taxpayer disputes. His knowledge has proved invaluable to the numerous clients he represented before the IRS. Over the last decade, he effectively represented clients before the IRS during audits and for collection issues. Raymond’s understanding of IRS culture and procedure helped prepare numerous JG Tax Group employees for the complex and technical aspects of IRS defense.
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