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Currently Not Collectible

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What can you do, if you can’t afford to pay the IRS?

One of the ways to get out of paying off your tax debt is to be declared “currently not collectible” with or without a tax attorney. The IRS can declare you as being “currently not collectible” after they review evidence that you have no ability to pay the taxes you owe. As soon as the IRS determines that you cannot afford to pay any of your tax debt due to economic hardship and declares you currently not collectible, they must stop all collection activities, including levies and garnishments.

While you are in the “currently not collectible” status, the 10-year statute of limitation on tax debt collection continues to run. If the IRS cannot collect the tax you owe within the 10-year statutory period, then your tax debt will expire, and you’ll owe nothing to the IRS. A taxpayer facing significant hardships or tax debt burdens should seek the advice of a tax professional specializing in resolving IRS tax debts.

At JG Tax Group, we have an excellent track record in resolving collection activity. We can negotiate with the IRS for you to have them agree to stop their collection actions. You will not be required to send them any money until you can afford it. JG Tax Group will successfully stop the IRS from sending you those nasty collection letters, and you won’t have to worry about the IRS taking your salary, bank account, car or your home.

Success Story 1

This client came to JG Tax Group with wage garnishments and bank levies. He had failed to file individual and business tax returns for four previous tax years. After JG Tax Group prepared his returns, the client owed the IRS approximately $50,000. When he notified us that he had mailed the returns, JG Tax Group contacted the IRS and had the client’s debt declared “currently not collectible.”

Client Testimonial

David, outstanding work, you have done for us everything you said you would and it all went as you predicted. I am absolutely thrilled at the outcome.

Everyone of your group that I have had contact with, especially Matt has been on top of this and has always been there for me when needed. I have had no direct contact with the IRS as you handled it all. Professional, helpful, friendly. The best of the best. In my line of work I deal primarily with high end professional clients giving me some insight as to dealing with pro’s. Your group made me feel at home.

Success Story 2

This client came to JG Tax Group with unfiled taxes going back to 1996. JG Tax Group assessed the situation, contacted the IRS, and was able to get the client declared as ‘currently not collectible’ on their $287,360.00 tax debt.

Client Testimonial

Dear JG Tax Group,

Your goal has been accomplished. I feel like I got control of my life back. I just opened my CNC letter (see attached) and am sitting here with an enormous grin on my face, which may last for days.

Although I know I’m not completely out of the woods yet, it sure is a good feeling to have a little sunshine on my face regarding this matter. I would like to extend a very grateful and heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone at JG Tax Group for a job well done.

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