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“I was very cautious about getting help with my IRS audit. After doing extensive research I hired JG Tax Group to represent my husband and I against the IRS. The whole experience was a pleasure. Over the top white glove service and constant hand holding from our team helped to eliminate the stress from our situation. We are happy with our results and would recommend JG Tax Group to anybody that needs help. Thank you sincerely for getting us our lives back.”
Stephanie S. | Cincinnati, OH

“JG Tax Group practices what it preaches. I had a federal tax case that JG took control of and handled better than I thought possible. I had an IRS agent come to my house, talk to my neighbor and go my place of business looking for me. I panicked! I called JG and they put a stop to all visits immediately. She couldn’t call me or harass me any longer. The group squared away my case by filing returns and setting me up in an affordable payment plan. Finding the JG Tax Group was a blessing. Keep up the good work!”

Nathan D. | Bloomington, MN

“I hired a highly recommended and expensive CPA to represent me when the IRS audited my last three years of returns. It turned out to be a total fiasco as this CPA didn’t accomplish anything and I was told by the IRS that $119,000 of my deductions were going to be denied. Someone told me about Jeffrey Galante and his JG Tax Group. After some extensive research I hired him to do an audit appeal and after close to ten months, he had the IRS agree that I only owed them $1500!”

Armand A. | Brooklyn, NY
“I am self-employed and my business has been slow the last few years. I found it very difficult to pay my 940 and 941 taxes while still maintaining other bills to keep my business afloat. After meeting an IRS officer one time, I quickly realized that they don’t care what excuse I had. I then decided it would be best if I didn’t meet the agent again so I looked to hire an attorney. Many choices are out there most of which looked questionable. Only JG Tax Group and one other actually listed some of their professionals. I called both and could easily tell JG Tax was talking straight with me while the other was telling me more of what I wanted to hear. I am an intelligent business man and if something sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably not true. So I hired JG and they helped me each step of the way, from filing the missing returns to reaching an agreement I could manage (and that the IRS had to accept). JG Tax told me up front what the total cost would be and it turned out to be was less than what the other firm was asking. If you need tax help, a phone call to JG Tax will be well worth your time.”
Charles W. | New York, NY

“If you have ever sat face to face with an IRS agent that is scrutinizing every single line item on your tax return, you may know what it feels like to be defenseless. At first, I thought I would be capable of addressing the IRS´s concerns by myself but quickly realized how little I knew about taxes and my rights as a taxpayer. After doing some research online, I hired JG Tax Group to represent me in front of the IRS. The IRS agent was no longer able to take advantage of my ignorance towards taxes and JG Tax Group had proven to the IRS that my original tax return filed was correct. Ultimately, no change was made on my 2007 tax return and the $14,000 that the IRS was attempting to increase by liability by was dropped. Thank’s again Jeffrey!´

Brian B. | Springfield, MA
NOTE: Client contacted JG TAX GROUP about an audit. The client was terrified after speaking with the agent. After our internal review of the clients documents JG TAX GROUP realized that the clients records were in good order and forwarded them to the agent. The Audit was completed in two days.

“Thank you JG TAX GROUP for your help with my audit. I thought I had everything that the IRS required but I was paralyzed with fear. I was just unable to deal with this myself. After your review of my records I felt a lot better but still worried. One of the best days in my life is when you called and said the audit was complete with no changes. It was worth every penny I spent with JG TAX GROUP. I could not handle this and it effected my health. Thank You so much!!!!”

Kim N. | Atlanta, GA
“A client of ours was very, very happy with Jeff Galante and the experience he brought to the engagement. I believe in the client’s eyes, Jeff significantly exceeded his, the company’s, and their attorney’s expectations. William, CPA. Jeff came in and helped us during a difficult IRS audit. His efforts concluded in a successful waiving of all penalties. His writing and researching skills are excellent. Jeff was instrumental in bringing the audit to a favorable conclusion. The client is very appreciative of Jeff’s services and happy that we recomended JG Tax Group.”
Carl L. (CPA) | Pittsburgh, PA
“Jeff is very credible and confident in his knowledge of the procedures necessary during an IRS audit, but comes across as very personable with the Revenue Agent. He very quickly established a great rapport. This situation has been unique in that the client is now a shell company and the IRS audit procedure was a bit different. Jeff has been very pragmatic and did an excellent job of working with the Revenue Agent in determining the appropriate audit plan.”
Denise H. (CPA) | Baton Rouge, LA
“Thank you Jeff Galante for your work on our Audit. We still find it unbelievable what the first company did to us. Why would a company take full payment and not even send the documents. We contacted tax lawyers and CPA firms before we talked to JG TAX GROUP and one about your company really impressed us more than anything else. Everyone we brought our documents too missed the most important fact you guys discovered right off. You asked us the most simple question that they didn’t even think of (DID YOU SUPPLY THE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS FOR THE AUDIT). You saw the problem right away and knew something had to be wrong. The others guys were just blinded by the dollar signs I think. The CPA’s and Lawyers based their fee’s on the fake debt of $125,000 they wanted three times what your firm charged us. Thank you guys again and I would recommend your firm to any with a tax problem!!”
Francesca G. | Brooklyn, NY
“A client called about his audit. He was enraged and said the agent had it out for him. He supplied all of his legitimate business expenses and the agent had disallowed all of them. He said he had tried to work with the agent but the agent was being unreasonable and need help because the IRS had it in for him. The client hired us on Jan. 14th. On Jan 17 JG TAX GROUP contacted the agent and took over the audit the agent said he, “had asked time and time again for supporting documents,” and the client said he had supplied everything he had. The agent said the client was difficult to deal with and was playing games.

JG TAX GROUP called the client and the client sent over copies of all of the supporting documents. After our review we found that the client did in fact have good records and couldn’t understand the agents assertion that he did not have supporting documents. We knew right away something was not correct and contacted the agent again. He asked us to send a package to him to evaluate. Once the agent got the documents he said that he had never seen them before and why hadn’t the client brought them to him.

After a little more digging we found out the problem. The client arrived at the IRS offices for his audit and the agent could not make the meeting because of a family emergency. The agent asked the client to leave his documents and he would go over them and contact the client after he reviewed them. For some reason the agent only got 1 of 2 boxes left for him. After we sorted it out the agent and the client both changed their opinion of each other. The client did in fact owe the IRS but the agent waved the penalties and interest for the client.

There is a huge lesson to be learned here many clients and the IRS consistently bump heads over stuff that is really an non-issue!!! Sometimes the IRS doesn’t know how to ask for information and the suspicious client always assumes the worse. Many clients are so fearful that they just go with the audit determination automatically assuming everything was done correct. Because we have handled 100’s of cases in front of the IRS we know when something just isn’t right. Many times a client, because they are nervous, will answer a question during an audit that can add a huge tax liability. After review we find out the client gave the wrong answer because they really didn’t understand the question.

Thank you JG TAX GROUP! – CPA”

“This audit [above] has taken 5 years off my life. I just couldn’t understand what this agents problem was!!! After you guys told me what happened I replayed the conversations I had with the Auditor in my mind and had to laugh. I was so sure that the IRS was trying to screw me I didn’t listen to what the agent was asking me. A 6 month headache over a simple situation. Thanks for your help and I should have called you earlier.”

Ted R. | Chicago, IL

JG Tax Group will address the IRS tax problems for our clients by negotiating with the IRS for the best possible solution, which may be one of the following:

An Offer in Compromise, an affordable payment plan, or to have our client declared as Currently Not Collectible with the IRS. Each one of our clients have different and complex tax problems. We treat each client as an individual, so there is no one solution for every client. We will find an affordable and permanent solution to your IRS problem.

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