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“My deepest thanks go out to the crew at JG Tax Group. I was surprised at work with a wage levy 2 weeks ago. 80% of my pay went straight to the feds. It wasn’t worth going to work. I did some research and found JG. I had five years of unfiled returns and a wage levy because of it. The JG team had all of my returns prepared and the levy off of my check in 7 days from when I hired them. The feds actually owe me money when all is done and said…Thanks JG!!!”
Theresa R. | Tucson, AZ
“I recently was victim to a resolution firm that had a less than stellar reputation. The reason I say “fell victim´ is because I paid the network almost $5K. After I realized my mistake I did more research and called the JG Tax Group. What a difference. Everyone I spoke to had an in-depth knowledge of IRS procedure and really put me and my family at ease. The IRS was threatening to garnish my check if I didn´t file 6 years of returns and set up a payment plan in 10 days…That´s right 10 days! Apparently the other company did nothing for me, as I suspected. You guys, on the other hand, prepared our returns within the 10 days! You guys made sure we were not garnished. I can´t thank you guys enough and I hope anyone who reads this understands that JG TAX GROUP IS THE REAL DEAL AND DESERVES THAT A+ RATING!”
Brett W. | Las Vegas, NV
“I was behind on payroll taxes for my property maintenance company and the IRS seized our operating accounts and sent wage garnishments to 3 different communities that we maintain. I hired JG Tax Group and am very happy that I decided to. Within a week, the IRS released the wage garnishments before they affected my accounts receivable and this allowed me to remain operational. I thank all the folks at JG Tax Group for representing me in a most professional manner and helping me fix this whole problem once and for all.”
Alastar N. | Los Angeles, CA
“I found out from my boss that the IRS was going to garnish my wages for 5 years taxes that I had not filed. After extensive research, I decided to let JG Tax Group handle this and they did a great job. My tax returns were in my hands and completed in only 3 days and the IRS did not garnish me! Thank you!!!!”
Samantha K. | Omaha, NE
“I called JG tax Group a little apprehensively… I did not really have an option but to take a chance even though I am so far away. I researched the internet, however, and JG kept catching my interest and trust. I called several other firms first to see what they had to offer for my circumstances and then called your people. A world of difference, your staff did not use high-pressure sales techniques, informed me of the process, and gave me the knowledge that I needed if I decided to try to do it myself. That alone earned my business. Your team was very professional and gracious. My issues were clear; I needed to prepare 8 years of tax returns to release a wage levy. I did not have my w2s or any of my 1099 information, which your team was able to attain the day I hired you. Awesome! My returns were ready in 3 days…It would have taken me weeks. The levy never actually hit my wages. I was so nervous that I was going to lose my home, my car – everything. I cannot express my gratitude in words. I will be sending a gift basket for you and your staff. Thank’s so much! It is great to see that honest companies still exist. Keep up the great work!”
Akilah R. | Detroit, MI
“I am writing to express my thanks to JG Tax Group for their help in my tax issue. I found JG with an internet search and never regretted it from the first phone call. When I called, the IRS was going to levy my wages and I was in despair as I had been working with another firm on resolving my tax issue and after nearly 3 years of working on it, was still at ground zero. JG Tax Group never made me a pie in the sky promise or misrepresented themselves at any part of our working relationship. They stopped my wage garnishment in just a couple days and then we worked on setting up a payment plan. After explaining my situation, it was determined that an Offer In Compromise was not in my best interest at this point. So once the payment plan was set up I decided that I was going to have to file bankruptcy. I found a wonderful lawyer who helped me out, and at the creditors hearing for the chapter 13 filing the IRS said that all of my debt was unsecured (in excess of $150,000) as I didn’t have any assets. The IRS released me of any and all debts owed to them. I was shocked and overjoyed. JG Tax Group was honest with me and said that an OIC was not going to work for my situation and that perhaps bankruptcy would be an option. As it turned out, they were very right. I had a very challenging experience with another tax resolution firm that left me wondering if I was ever going to get my tax issues resolved. Thanks to the patience and guidance of JG Tax Group, I was able to get the ship upright and now I have a fresh start. Warmest Regards.”
Daniel T. | Eugene, OR
“I hired JG TAX GROUP when my bank account was levied with $3500 in it that the bank had to release to the IRS!!!! When JG contacted the IRS to verify my status they found out that I had not filed tax returns for 5 years. Also, we were told by the agent that a wage garnishment was going out to my employer which I did not even know about. They were able to secure a hold on the garnishment order to allow time for me to get into compliance and in a payment plan resolution. JG prepared all 5 years of my tax returns in just 3 days after receiving my filing information and successfully negotiated an installment payment plan which stopped any further collection action by the IRS. I was so stressed about what I owed the IRS that I didn´t open my mail for months… it wasn´t until I received a levy on my bank account that I finally did something. I found JG TAX GROUP on Google and thankfully they were still able to help me out!!!!!!! Thank you again!!´
Bill T. | Philadelphia, PA
“I hadn´t slept in almost a week, I couldn´t eat and was too stressed to even leave the house.The IRS was garnishing my wages and levied my bank account, and I had no money to pay my rent and thought I was doomed for sure.By the time I contacted JG Tax Group, I thought there was no hope.A phone call to their offices and an hour later, I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.They educated me on the process that led up to my wage garnishment and levy, and how they were going to fix it.Their office worked very quickly to gather all of my information and get to work.Before the end of the week my garnishment and levy were lifted, and Jeff himself spoke to the IRS and set me up on an affordable payment plan.I can rest easy again, and I still have a place to live! Thanks Jeff and everyone at JG! You saved my life!”
Carol U. | Bellevue, WA
“JG Tax Group lifted my wage garnishment in three days and also removed the levy placed on my wife´s social security. We owed $37000 and only ended up paying $4400. Thanks to Jeff for his time spent between both us and the IRS, and all of his hard work to get our garnishment and levy stopped. The IRS resolution representative took the time to carefully explain the process to us and also explained what our rights were. They answered every email and phone call, or got back to us immediately.The level of professionalism and care for what you do made this process stress free. Thank You!!!”
James & Evette C. | Nashville, TN
“My name’s Don and I’m from Texas. I contacted JG TAX GROUP on October 23rd at 2pm with a wage garnishment already in effect. Your emergency ERT contacted the IRS and confirmed that my 2005 and 2006 tax returns were not filed. They sent me a questionnaire and my income documents were retrieved from the IRS, so the ERT was able to file my returns and put me back in compliance with the IRS via fax. Your ERT was then able to procure a wage garnishment release by October 27th at 10am! I thank you and will recommend you to anyone I run into who has IRS issues…”
Don F. | Fort Worth, TX
“I’m Rick from Maryland and contacted you on the morning of the October 24th. By noontime, the ERT team learned that my 2004 and 2005 tax returns were not filed. My income documents were retrieved from the IRS and with a questionnaire, and then the ERT quickly filed my taxes. By October 27th, my wage garnishment was also released. You guys are lifesavers.”
Rick E. | Baltimore, MD
“I haven´t filed a tax return in 4 years and I had received a notice of intent to levy from the IRS. Apparently the IRS prepared a tax return on my behalf and they are now trying to collect from me. I don´t know how the IRS arrived at the balance that they say I owe but it seemed like it was high relative to my income. I didn´t know what to do and how to fix this problem because I didn´t want to pay on something that I didn´t owe. I contacted JG Tax Group and they took care of all my IRS problems from start to finish for a flat, affordable price.”
Carlos H. | Miami, FL

JG Tax Group will address IRS tax problems for our clients by negotiating with the IRS for the best possible solution, which may be one of the following:

An Offer in Compromise, an affordable payment plan, or to have our client declared as Currently Not Collectible with the IRS. Each one of our clients have different and complex tax problems. We treat each client as an individual, so there is no one solution for every client. We will find an affordable and permanent solution to your IRS problem.

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